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The Whiskey Runners

Copperhead Road

Story #1: Running Whiskey

A little history in today’s Listening Room. Who knew if it weren’t for the Volstead Act in 1920, there would be no Daytona 500. Probably no Taladega, no Darlington, no Watkins Glen. That’s right, Prohibition was what started NASCAR.

Read the official history here.
But, you can read some of the more interesting unofficial history here >>

It was the whiskey runners’ need for a fast car to outrun the revenuers that developed into a natural competition for bragging rights and now a national obsession. My car is faster than your car, so let’s race! It all began on the wide, hard beaches of the south and migrated to the dirt track circuit before it grew to what we see today.

Story #2: Copperhead Road

Story Extra: The Mandolin

And a little extra: How Steve came to own a mandolin and write the song in the first place. Compliments of Dave Letterman.

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