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Where is my Badge?

Where is my Badge?

In the Friday Listening Booth:

Where is my Badge?

From the simple misunderstanding department, today comes an early musical distraction in a Thursday edition of the Friday Listening Booth.

Released on The Cream’s 1969 Goodbye album and also later as a single, Badge is one of Eric Clapton’s most beloved tunes with a uniquely oddball title.

George Harrison was helping his pal Eric work out some songs for what would be Cream’s farewell album and as he was scrawling lyrics and sketching out the shape of the song across the table from him, Clapton looked at Harrison’s upside down handwriting and laughed, “what’s badge?!?”

Turns out Harrison was just marking out the middle of the song and wrote “bridge.” The untitled track suddenly had a title and it’s repeating refrain as the song finishes… “where is my badge?”

They say the “swans in the park” line came from a well-lubricated Ringo Starr playing around with the lyric as he walked in on the laughing songwriters.

Enjoy this version from a Clapton live from Hyde Park concert in 1997.

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