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The Secret Ingredient is… You!

If you had to put a face on something… a business? a brand? What would it look like?

Now think about it for a second.

If I asked you to connect a face to a word… what would you say?

Amazon. The answer is easy, right? Jeff Bezos.

If I asked you to connect a face to SpaceX, Tesla…

Simple… Elon Musk.

Facebook, what would you say? Mark Zuckerberg. They made a movie about him.

Virgin? Vogue? The Daily Beast? Richard Branson. Anna Wintour. Tina Brown.

Microsoft? Bill Gates. But he’s no longer with the company he’s identified with. Yet he’s still the most memorable face of the brand.

Then, there’s the eponymous brands actually built on the uniqueness of their founders’ platforms – Oprah. The Huffington Post. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

GE? An historical brand? You need to go back to the inventor of all inventors for that one, Thomas Alva Edison, himself. But he’s still a big part of the brand history if not the brand vision for the future.

As strong a personality as Tim Cook is. As strong a leader as he has become, Apple, for most people, is still identified more with Steve Jobs who passed away in 2011.

Why? It carries trust, history, gravitas and a compelling story.

The Most Important Page on Your Site

After the home page, the About Us page is the single most visited page on any business website.


It lends credibility, background and a sense of history. The best of these pages (or suites of pages) communicate confidence in your expertise and trust in your personality, too. It’s that trust that is perhaps the most important component to communicating for your brand. If customers trust you, they’re more likely to work with you. Buy from you. Work FOR you.

For new customers, this is the beginning of their understanding of your story. This is the Once Upon a Time. This can be the thing that makes them want to work with you.

What’s your story?

Where did you come from and how did you get into this business?

Communicate the mystery of your passion for your business. We all have one. We all have a story of what compels us to do our work. To build our business.

Many business owners are reluctant to put their face on the company. They’re either shy about people knowing them or they think it distracts from their product or service. Most of the time, they’re wrong.

Begin by telling your story. Then build on it by communicating your expertise. Your beliefs about the industry and your understanding of your customers. We call it THOUGHT LEADERSHIP and when it’s done well, it is invaluable.

It makes you more visible. It communicates not just your expertise and the value of your business, but it communicates the intangible.

In cooking, they say the secret ingredient to a great recipe is love. It’s a joke, right? It can’t possibly make any sense. You can quantify love as in ingredient in a pie or a cake or grandma’s famous stew.

But it’s there nonetheless. It makes a difference. And your customers can see it. You don’t tell them anything. You create content that shows them that you care about what you’re doing and you care about their success with your partnership. With your service and your help. With your products.

It’s Paul Newman’s face on the salad dressing bottle. Is it better? Maybe. Do you love it? Yes. Do you buy it? Absolutely.

Make yourself a thought leader in your industry. When they think of your industry, lead them to think of you.

And you can’t go wrong.


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