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Spinning a business story

Spinning a business story

Delivering the Goods

A few weeks ago, I came across a really excellent – and brief – mini-webinar about the importance of aligning a brand’s sales and marketing efforts. It came across my LinkedIn feed and featured a friend and colleague, Andy Quintana. He’s an excellent fellow, by the way.

I enjoyed it so much I clicked the thumbs up and added an encouraging comment underneath.

Soon thereafter…

I was contacted by the fellow whose idea these sales enablement mini-webinars was. Adrian Hargreaves from Blackburn in England. A little bit of Skype conversation and very little coaxing later, Adrian offered to feature me and a few of my ideas about brand storytelling in one of his mini-webinars. See the result below.

It was honestly one of the smoothest, most enjoyable presentation experiences I’ve ever had and after hearing a bit about what Adrian has in the works for this series, I recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel and keep up with what’s going on. It’s like online training, but brief, very focused and useful, particularly on topics in which you may not yet be expert. Check it out!


Business and career connections come and go in your life with almost dizzying regularity.

Often, you meet someone who you’re sure you’ll do massive amounts of really important work with only to have that opportunity evaporate a year, a month or a week later. But often, that person will turn up again with another idea or maybe just a conversation that inspires you on to something else.

Doing this mini-webinar was a lot of fun for me. I hope you enjoy it and get some value out of what we’re talking about. But on the larger scale, I met a gentleman I didn’t know before who has a lot of good ideas in his area of expertise. We hit it off from 3,000 miles away.

I don’t know if Adrian and I, or Andy and I or Andy and Adrian and I will ever really coordinate efforts on a client project. But connecting like this and sharing our particular areas of expertise with each other has been, and I’m sure will remain, valuable.

I guess the moral of this little tale is to keep an eye out for interesting things to do that force you to flex your muscles with people you respect and enjoy. That’s the moral that’s good for morale.

And keep an eye on Adrian. This mini-webinar approach could be valuable to you and your business.

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