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Nymble is a boutique digital content marketing consultancy dedicated to a non-agency approach to agency thinking.
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Case Studies
About This Project


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One of our specialties is creating keystone content for marketing tools known alternately as a Center of Excellence, Brand Newsroom or Brand Forum. The concept behind these developments is simple, provide high quality, free, downloadable content to drive traffic, interest and, more important, to establish the brand or it’s leader as the preeminent expert in the field. To create a publishing arm for the brand that establishes gravitas for the team. It can be as simple as a supercharged blogsite or as complicated as a true publishing arm.

This approach is highly effective for some businesses, particularly if a business requires specific expertise or technological nuance.

The Ask
Work with one of the world’s largest business consulting firms, to create a fundamentally disruptive point of view (PoV) paper to be published on the client’s site as a downloadable PDF along with a supporting infographic as a way of communicating their latest research on the topic of digital’s impact on the retail industry.

The Task
Nymble used the clients more than 2M data points to write the nearly 8k word paper, acted as creative director on design and creation of the infographic and consulted on the PR plan to promote and otherwise win visibility for this unique and industry-disrupting research.

The Results

In the first 90 days since the paper published, it has become one of the firm’s most visible publications. In that time, the paper and it’s associated components had:

  • 10k visits & 3,200 downloads
  • 60+ high-profile media placements including NY Times, Wash Post, CNBC & more
  • 100+ MM Twitter impressions
  • 1.5MM LinkedIn impressions

And more importantly:

  • 1.3MM in new billing
  • Meetings w/ 15 unique retail clients on the topic