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Making your content matter

Making your content matter

Making Your Content Matter

How often should you post?

Businesses that post content to their blogs and websites regularly, drive more traffic and more leads than businesses that don’t.

Specifically, businesses that post 16 or more pieces of information to their blogs per month drive 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than businesses that post four or fewer. The key is that content must hold relevance for their customers.

Source: Hubspot

More interestingly, when businesses reach 400 posts on their blogs, they universally experience a spike in both traffic and leads.

For B2B clients, the trend holds. And for company size, smaller companies benefit more from posting more educational content.

Beyond that, the trend lately is that long-form content tends to perform better than short-form content. It’s counter-intuitive, but the data bears out that relevant, in-depth 2,000 word articles draw more traffic and get noticed more than a dozen 350-word articles.

Source: Hubspot

Also, older content tends to find added value over time as long as it’s relevant to the customer. So an article published a year or two or even three in the past can find additional traction down the road if the quality is there.

The data I reference here is from a few different sources, most significantly inbound marketing juggernaut, Hubspot. But the keys to the kingdom are not just in posting massive amounts of content, or even the quality of that content. Both of these are important, but the most important things are first that all of your content is relevant to your customer. It doesn’t need to speak directly to your product or service. It just needs to be relevant and informative to your customer. If it helps solve a problem, even better. If it links back into more of your own high quality content, even better.

In God we trust. All others must bring data.
- William Deming, Statistician

Your content needs to build on itself. It needs to understand what you do and bolster that theme throughout everything you do. That helps establish you as an expert in your field, a trusted partner, a resource for solving problems.

That’s how you get people to engage with you through your content. It’s clear, goal-oriented and measurable. It takes time. It takes commitment. But in the end, for generating traffic, leads and customers, it’s worth it.

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