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Local Agency Nymblesmith Makes Splash at Annual Marketing Services Auction

Three Brevard County businesses became the latest beneficiaries of unique and effective marketing services from Nymblesmith https://nymblesmith.com by participating in the annual Greater Palm Bay, FL, Chamber of Commerce Advertising and Marketing Auction held on September 18th.

Nymblesmith https://nymblesmith.com, a boutique content marketing agency in Rockledge, FL, donated several of its services to the annual event that benefits the Palm Bay Chamber and provides the organization’s partners an opportunity to get access to valuable marketing services at an affordable cost.

Cynthia Hall of VanDeVoorde Hall Law, PL, was the winner of Nymblesmith’s cornerstone Story Session product that delivers a 60-minute story-based interview session and delivers a unique tool the agency calls a “Narrative Style Guide.”

“It’s a way of organizing and focusing a business’ brand story from the customer perspective,” said Nymblesmith founder Lyle Smith. “Our clients find the tool to be extremely valuable tool that helps simplify, organize, and activate their stories to grow their businesses.”

In addition, VanDeVoorde Law, David Cable of ReMax Elite, and Diane Bryson of TrueChoice Technologies all won a free month of Nymblesmith’s customized Online Reputation Management service the enables clients to take control of the online review process for their businesses.

“Online reputation is all about reviews,” Smith said. “Generating reviews, managing reviews, responding to them, marketing with them, and even dealing with the occasional negative review. It’s a great tool that our clients find extremely helpful in their businesses.”

Hundreds of chamber of commerce partners, representatives of Brevard County businesses and advertising and marketing agencies took part in the annual event.

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