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Eye on London

Eye on London

In the Friday Listening Booth:

London Edition

We’re visiting London Town in today’s listening booth – just for fun. No in-depth analysis. Just four great songs to redirect your gaze for a few moments during the work day.

For no particular reason, Richard Thompson’s album Mock Tudor came to mind this morning and I was reminded of a few things all in a row:

  1. What an incredible songwriter he is
  2. How so many of his songs take you on a very particular journey of a place you man not have known that place to be; and
  3. How many other awesome live versions of London-themed story songs come up on YouTube when you start searching for live versions of the Richard Thompson song catalog.

For your listening pleasure this morning, we offer:

The Sights and Sounds of London Down – Richard Thompson

What he calls the anti-travel brochure for the city along the Thames.

Cooksferry Queen – Richard Thompson

Because a new outlook on life is no further than a few steps around the wrong turn in the road.

Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon live from Passaic, NJ

Because cities with a long history deserve a good werewolf story.

Johnny Come Lately – Steve Earle & and the Pogues

See how a Texan and a conglomeration of Irishmen took a look back on wartime London in a recording studio in the North End through the eyes of a grandson walking through some of the same steps two generations on.

Or just listen to the album version of the song >>

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