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Beer Mile: Rules


Long known as a sort of cultish, underground event, the Beer Mile is actually nearly as old as running and beer themselves.

The full rules and the acknowledged “governing body” of the sport can be found at beer, but in short, the beer mile goes something like this:

  • Drink 1 standard 12-ouce can of beer (any kind) in the 10m zone before the starting line on a certified 400m per lap “track.”
  • Run one lap.
  • Repeat 3 more times for 4 beers and 4 laps + 9.3m. A total of 48 ounces of drinking and 1 mile of running.
  • If any of the beers are unfinished, penalty time or laps may be assessed.
  • There needn’t be any more than 1 competitor. There needn’t bee an “official” event. There does need to be video evidence in order to certify any record attempt.

Visit to review some of the history of the event.

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